View Full Version : Portege Z930 - slow Wi-Fi on battery under Linux

20.09.2012, 19:46

I've just bought a Z930 and I run it under Linux Mint and Windows 7.
I've a problem under Linux that I don't have on Windows.
When I put my computer on battery, there is a significative signal lowering.
Do somebody why there is such a problem ? Can we fix it by configuring my network device ?

Thanks for your help !


21.09.2012, 01:30
Sounds like the Wifi driver needs updating, perhaps try an Ubuntu Live CD v12 and see how that goes. Ubuntu is very Toshiba friendly now.

27.09.2012, 19:01
I have the same problems on Ubuntu... I will try to find the drivers but I don't think this is the right solution.
Thanks !