View Full Version : Satellite L300 wireless doesn't work in hotspot mode

18.09.2012, 13:20
Satellite L300 with built in Realtek wifi device.
Internet is coming from external USB device, and I want to make internal wifi work as router/hotspot/ap, simply to connect with my mobile.

I try to create ad-hoc network in both Windows 7 and Linux Fedora.
New network is listed in OS applets, but no SSID appears on my mobile phone.

Also tried with hosted network (virtual wifi adapter) , and application named Connectify in Win7.
SSID shows up, but either can't connect or connection broke after few minutes without any data transfer.

Now I came to wonder does this built in wifi device support hotspot mode at all?

If it does, is there some setting that I'm missing?
Or some utility to run, to check if device is broken or have some driver problem, or something...?

18.09.2012, 22:41
I donít know which L300 do you have exactly and cannot say which WLAN card is inside but check model in device manager and try to find exact specification Googling around.

To be honest I really donít know if your problem has anything to do with Toshiba directly.