View Full Version : WLAN card exchange on Satellite L750

09.09.2012, 11:35
Owning a PSK2YA series laptop i have Atheros AR9002wb-1NG wireless card.

Since Toshiba or Atheros didnt bother to check these to see if it actually worked before releasing them and no known driver has worked for me. the only way to get it to work is take out the Atheros card and replace it with an Intel (at mine own cost as well)

Here is a youtube video which shows exactly how to do it.


09.09.2012, 21:49
Thanks for the posting but you must also write that this can be done on own risk and after this action valid warranty will be cancelled.

10.09.2012, 11:38
can i also state that if you dont do this you will never be able to use a laptop like it should be used, as a mobile device which its wireless connection should work properly when brand new

11.09.2012, 08:15
here is the card i will be using -
Intel® Centrino® Ultimate-N 6300

14.09.2012, 10:55
ok well i received my new wireless chip in the mail today and couldn't wait to get it in the laptop.

i was very surprised when i tried to take the screw that was holding the wireless chipset in that it was impossible to take out, to the point where i stripped the screw clean. I ended up having to drill the screw to get it out and was even more surprised to find it had been glued in with some sort of blue stuff, obviously toshiba doesn't want it to be replaced.

Running some wireless tests now but it seems perfectly fine downloading at 1mb/sec over wireless.

from this experience, i will never buy a toshiba laptop again.