View Full Version : Re: Tecra S11 - Sometimes WLAN simply disconnect

07.09.2012, 00:09

I've got an issue with my Wlan. Sometimes my Wlan disconnect the current signal and says that there where no connections available.

When I go to my control panel and switch the Wlan off and back on everything works fine again. Sometimes he does is a few time after eachother. Sometimes he doesn't do it.

I've also did a system restore but the problem still remains.

Hope there is an solution for!

07.09.2012, 09:34
As you know it is not easy to comment issues that happen “sometimes”.
What you can do now is to check if WLAN driver is the latest version and maybe update it.
Restart also your router and check if this will happen again and again.

Please post some feedback.

07.09.2012, 11:04
Well it doesn't happen on regular times.
The driver from the Wlan is the latest that I can found on the driver page.

The problem seems to be issued when the laptop is getting warm and my ventilator speed is going up.

I hope there is an solution for it!