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03.09.2012, 10:21
I have a Satellite P775-112 that was previously running Windows 7.
This weekend I upgraded to Windows 8 Pro RTM.

Following the upgrade, the DVD drive is no longer recognized.

In Device Manager the drive "MAT****A BD-MLT UJ240EF" has a warning symbol, and the Device Status in Properties is "Windows cannot start this hardware device because its configuration information (in the registry) is incomplete or damaged. (Code 19)".

I've tried everything I've found on the web without success:
- Reinstall driver (http://technet.microsoft.com/en-US/library/cc772156)
- Look for and remove UpperFilters / LowerFilters values in the registry (http://support.microsoft.com/kb/314060) : in my case they weren't present

I also tried connecting a USB DVD drive to my laptop - it failed with the same Device Status in Device Manager. Which suggests the problem isn't specific to my DVD hardware.

Any suggestions welcome!


03.09.2012, 11:53
Have no really experience with Win 8 but from my point of view this is an Windows system problem which appears also on another older Windows systems.

The ODD driver is a part of the Windows system (no matter what Windows) so you would not be able to download and to install an separate driver.
I had a similar issue with my old Win Vista notebook.
Could solve this by deleting the CD/DVD drive from device manager
I rebooted the notebook and the system could install the ODD again without any yellow exclamation marks…

03.09.2012, 13:46
Thanks for the reply.

I've already tried deleting the driver and rebooting as mentioned in the original post; didn't help.

I've also tried the solution at the following link, without success: http://vasudevg.blogspot.in/2012/03/fix-dvd-drive-not-shown-in-windows-8-cp.html

05.09.2012, 17:16
After further investigation I found that the DVD drive was visible in Safe mode; which suggests that the problem is caused by a software application / service.

And after a bit of trial and error, the culprit appears to be the Windows Service "Toshiba Optical Disc Drive Service" (TODDSrv.exe If I stop this service, then uninstall the DVD driver in Device Manager and scan for new hardware, then the DVD starts working.

Well, almost.

The Toshiba DVD player doesn't work any more: it fails to load with an error message indicating missing dlls.

So I'm almost there. Hopefully Toshiba will soon make Windows 8 drivers and applications available (the support web site says they should be available in time for the Windows 8 release).

If anyone can tell me what the TODDrv.exe service does, or help me get the Toshiba DVD Player working I'd appreciate it. I'm willing to beta test Windows 8 drivers / software if it gets me up and running faster.

Otherwise I'll have to wait for the Windows 8 drivers and try again...

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28.10.2012, 17:55

I have exactly the same problem with MAT****A DVD-RAM UJ892ES with Windows8
on a Toshiba Satellite R630-148 :
Code 19 on Windows 8 pro (official final with licence)

Try to reinstall the device many times,
Searched for support on Win8 or Win7, registry edited, but no way.

I think we need a new offical driver from Toshiba please.

The drive was working perfectly on Win7.

30.10.2012, 17:02
Hi guys

Found a solution here:

*Uninstall the Toshiba programs:*
• TOSHIBA Recovery Media Creator
• TOSHIBA Disc Creator
Then restart your PC using the Power-->Restart option in Windows 8.
Your CD/DVD should be accessible now.
For help with uninstalling these programs follow the instructions below

*To Uninstall a program or application:*
1. At the START screen type Control Panel
2. Select Programs --> Uninstall a program
3. Find the two programs listed above and uninstall these applications
4. After the application programs are uninstalled restart your computer using the Power-->Restart option in Windows 8
5. When the computer power back on the CD/DVD drive should be available
If the CD/DVD drive still does not appear follow the instructions below to uninstall a device driver

*To uninstall a device driver:*
1. At the START screen type Device Manager
2. Select Device Manager > DVD/CD-ROM drives > right click on the device displayed > select Uninstall.
3. After the driver uninstalls, power down you computer using the restart method. The driver will install automatically when the computer restarts.
4. The CD/DVD drive should now be shown.

31.10.2012, 10:05
I had a similar issue with a Satellite C660 after upgrading from Windows 7 to Windows 8 and spent the best part of 2 days trying to resolve the issue. .

**(Windows cannot start this hardware device because its configuration information (in the registry) is incomplete or damaged. (Code 19))**

I have now managed to resolve this by re-installing Toshiba Disc Creator which I was asked to remove by the Windows 8 upgrade.

I downloaded the Windows 7 Toshiba Disc Creator from the download drivers section of the Toshiba site, re-installed and re-started the notebook *and now this DVD drive is fully operational again.*

21.12.2012, 18:59
Thanks - this worked on my C660 Pro as well. MS were of little assistance. Needed to download 32bit version, even though PC was previously running 64 bit. This is why Windows 8 removed it.