View Full Version : Qosmio X770 - internet connection keeps going off

27.08.2012, 16:14

I have had this laptop for about a month now, it is the Toshiba Qosmio, model Qosmio X770, serial 7B438248K, the trouble is it keeps losing the internet connection.
I have it right behind me when I am sat down in the front room, I keep losing the internet connection, is there something I can download like a program or something?

My other laptop never lost connection at all.

27.08.2012, 20:18
Toshiba hasnt provided a fix yet for any of our wireless issues, so dont hold your breathe

28.08.2012, 10:44

Did you speak about the WLan connection?

If yes, at first I recommend updating the WLan driver.

From my knowledge the QOSMIO X770-107 supports the Atheros AR9285 Wlan card.
Here you should find the latest WLan driver provided by Toshiba Europe

Otherwise I would recommend you checking the internet for the latest version of Atheros AR9285 Wlan chip

PS: did you notice the interrupts using battery mode only or also using the mains electricity?

29.08.2012, 10:14
thank you, it now works wonders...

29.08.2012, 11:17
Thanks djbee for the short feedback…
@puncy: sometimes a simple update makes wonders :)