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10.08.2012, 00:05
Hello friends,

I have a Toshiba Satellite (psm30e) M30-801, WXP system and after recover installation with standard Toshiba recovery CD's my Wi-Fi is not working anymore. I try to connect to anyone wireless and I get the message error "Windows couldnīt find out one certificate to start your session net WLAN_XXXX...".

I thought it was a driver of the wireless net, so I installed but it doesnīt works also.
So, I'm without Wi-Fi.
How can I solve this problem, please?
Thanks in advance.


10.08.2012, 09:07
Hello Luis

Your old Satellite has WLAN card that uses a/b WLAN standard so be sure this standard is set on your router.
WLAN driver included in recovery image is OK and I don’t think you must install newer version.
Be sure WLAN card is listed properly in device manager and it must also be properly enabled. For enabling WLAN card use WLAn switch placed on the front side and also FN+F8 key combination. Wireless antenna indicator must be ON.

What you can also check is follow ( http://helpdeskgeek.com/how-to/windows-was-unable-to-find-a-certificate-to-log-you-on-to-the-network/) setting.

10.08.2012, 18:29
Hello Dr. Lamp,

vielen danke for information and tent!
But...it didnīt work the steps that you explained me, sorry.
I know my computer is an old version but I love it, and its performance it's quite good.
I need to recover my original good performance of the wifi becaue if not I'm bound to have always cable net and I donīt want .
I tried the decativation of the IEEE 802.1x but also was not helpful. I think is necessary to have activated this protocoll, so I donīt understood so much the funtionality of this deactivation, but it was no helpful I said you.
Before I havebeen working without any problem with the wifi, but now it's not possible.
I donīt know why, after recovering.
Ok, many thanks for yuor time !
have a nice day.