View Full Version : Satellite L750/0LN - wireless is broken

04.08.2012, 04:50
Satellite L750/0LN

My wireless keeps connecting and disconnecting even though my laptop is 30cms away from my router. It cannot be the router as I have tried it over my brotherís house as well.

I have searched the forum and all i find is wireless issues with nearly every Toshiba laptop, doesnít your company check these things.

I have updated the drivers to the latest ones and still doesnít work. I canít use it at work anymore because of the disconnections.

Why wonít Toshiba come up with a fix for it?

04.08.2012, 09:55
This Australian model is not known to me and I donít know which WLAN card is inside but try please to install WLAN driver from http://aps2.toshiba-tro.de/wlan/

By the way: do you use your notebook with or without AC power supply when all this happen?

10.09.2012, 14:30
I read that you replaced the WLan card from Atheros to Intel and now its ok

11.09.2012, 07:56
i have ordered my replacement card which should be here in less than a week, i will let everyone know how it goes.

i am replacing the atheros card with an intel centrino 6300, it doesnt have bluetooth but a small dongle can be purchased for less than $5 anyway.