View Full Version : Satellite L750 wont connect to my wiresless router anymore

25.07.2012, 22:32
My laptop used to connect.
But now, all of sudden it wont.

I've tried disconnecting it and reconnecting, and still no joy.
IT says that I have limited access.

My parent laptop connects to my router fine ( hence this post ) as does my phone, but my laptop just wont.

Any ideas?

26.07.2012, 16:21

try some essential workarounds like:

- Reset the Wlan router
- Renewing the IP address (in CMD type the command: ipconfig /renew)
- WLan driver update

27.07.2012, 09:04
Restart your router and test it again.
I had similar problem several times. Connection was OK but I didnít have access to the internet.
After router restart everything was OK again.