View Full Version : Tecra 8200 freezes every few minutes with XP Pro Retail version

16.09.2005, 16:00
I have upgraded a Tecra 8200 (256MB RAM) with a Retail version of Windows XP Pro SP2 This was a fresh install after reformatting the disk. I think I have loaded all Windows updates from Microsoft, and drivers from Toshiba Website.
The Notebook freezes for about 30 seconds every few minutes, including when trying to logon.
Also when booting for the first time there is a constant repetitive ping from the sound, which I assume is the windows startup sound hanging. This eventually stops and it is useable for a few minutes.

Can someone please help?

16.09.2005, 20:31

as far as I know XP is not officially supported for this model. So maybe there are some drivers missing. Try to check it in the device manager.


25.09.2005, 21:49
I've got exactly the same problem. My girlfriend bought a Tercra 8200 2nd hand. I've installed Windows XP pro on it and every few minutes it freezes up. I've ran some diagnostics like mem test, but it doesn't find any errors.

My question is, I the thing broken, or is it impossible to run win XP on it? And if the last is true, how do I get it to run XP?

04.11.2005, 13:24

In my opinion you should buy more RAM. As far as I know this unit can handle with 512 MB max. You can use PC100 256MB (PA3069U-1M25). I am pretty sure that wit more RAM there is much better chance to make it work.

I hope that all hardware components are recognized and installed correctly. You can also try to check which processes are active and I recommend you to end them. On this way the processor has more power for other applications.

09.11.2005, 20:18
What I would most certainly recommend to do first with this kind of a problem is to search for a fresh bios-update, and install it.

It does NOT seem to be a memory-issue.
If it does not appear to be an old biosversion, it most probably is a rotten driver-issue.

Good luck!