View Full Version : Satellite C660-120 Wireless Network Card disconnecting

22.05.2012, 12:53
My Satellite C660-120 keeps disconnecting from the wireless LAN. It happens every couple of seconds. I've tried different browsers and updated the NIC drivers. It is running Windows 7 with all updates on a wireless n network. Anyone got any solutions??

22.05.2012, 13:38
> It is running Windows 7 with all updates on a wireless n network.

Did you notice the same Wlan issue using another Wlan standard like 802.11 B or G?

The notebook seems to supports the Realtek 802.11(b/g/n) RTL8188CE WLan card.
You can compare the available Wlan driver version which the version provided here:
the latest seems to be: 1005.19.0420.2011

Furthermore it would be interesting to know if the Wlan disconnects only using batter power or also using notebook connected to AC adaptor.

It could be possible that system saves power and this affects the Wlan functionality.
In such case you should disable this option in: device manager -> WLan card -> Properties -> last tab (power management).

You should also uninstall the TCP/IP v6 and should use only the TCP/IPv4
How to do that:

Did you already restart your Wlan router?
Do that and check if the firmware needs to be updated.