View Full Version : FN + F8 not working on Satellite P750

25.03.2012, 05:50
we have had no trouble using the wireless connection on our Satellite P750 notebook but this morning my husband did the FN+F8 button, the light went out, came back on almost immediately and we lost wireless connection.
When we push FN +F8 again its says to turn on the wireless communication switch.

Please note - we have searched top, bottom, both sides and back and cannot find any switch, or anything with the same symbol that the F8 button has on it that mighjt be a switch.

Neither did he turn any switch off befoire or after pushing FN+F8 so I don't know how the switch or wherever it is could be turned off.

On looking under network connections there is nothing to indicate that the wireless isn't working. the cell phone can connect via the wireless so its something on the computer itself.
I have searched other threads and nothing helpful has come up.

25.03.2012, 09:56

Have you tried to restart the notebook and test WLAN connectivity again?

I don’t have this notebook model but can you please check if WLAN button is placed between keyboard and display. It must be one of the function buttons.

According the manuals (page 47) it must be the third button from the left (power button, eco button and then WLAN button). Can you enable/disable WLAN using this button?

Please test it and send some feedback.

28.03.2012, 14:15
I agree with DR.lamp
The function button row contains the Wlan button.
It’s the second from left. Check this button… using this you can enable Wlan. But of course FN + F8 needs to be used too.