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02.03.2012, 01:12
I am going to download this new Windows 8 Preview..
Will it accept the drivers for my laptop??
My laptop is TOSHIBA

*PART NO.* PSC1GE - 029002AR
*SERIAL NO.* 6B206893K

02.03.2012, 09:34
Untl now I didnít make some experiments with Win8 but I think there should not be problem if you use Win7 drivers.

Create recovery DVD and make test with Win8. If you donít like it or you will see that there are problems with drivers, tools or utilities installation you can install recovery image again using created recovery DVD.

I think you are the first one with Win8 and it will be nice if you can make short report about all this. It will be interesting to read your experience about it.

02.03.2012, 17:28
I downloaded the Windows 8 but the DVD I bought does not have enough space it's only 1.3 GB, all the current stores in Egypt in the area where I am currently living are only selling those at the moment..
This area is called Ain Shams (The Eyes of the Sun)..... A very poor area..

OK, can I buy 2 Discs and burn the ISO image to these 2 discs?
Then while installing, I insert Disc 1 first and then it asks me to Insert Disc 2?
Can this be done?

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03.03.2012, 00:56
Windows 8 is sooo coooool!!!
It looks like an iPad or iPhone!

- It has a Touch Keyboard which you can show up and type any letter by moving the mouse arrow on any letter.
- Microsoft has now made a store like Apple Store and Nokia Ovi Store....
I think they will make the same games as iPhone? :)

- But the first problem I encountered is when I play any video file with Windows Media Player it doesn't play the sound, do you think why?
The type of the video file is MP4

03.03.2012, 11:03
Hey thanks for your info. Iím very interested about Win8. If possible make some screenshots and post it here. Iíll be very thankful if you can do this.
No sound? Maybe sound driver is missing.

Have you checked device manager and which components are not installed properly.
Try to install Win7 sound driver for your notebook model. maybe it will works.

03.03.2012, 16:46
Of course I can do this for you!
here is a screenshot of the Touch Keyboard as you can see works exactly the same as iPhone, iPad and iPod.
- You can also use smiley faces from the keyboard look at this:-
Not only faces, there are also car shapes, food shapes and a lot more.

That is why I wish my screen is Touchable.!!!
I asked about this before, is it possible to make my screen touchable?

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2- As you can see, this is how it looks when you click Start or press the Start Windows button on the keyboard *(That button where it is usually beside the Alt button)*
There is a Store, look!! It sounds to me the same picture as that of Nokia Ovi Store.....
They have a categorize of things there you can download......
Windows 8 now has apps...!!!
But can I ask a question please?
Will these games downloaded from the Microsoft Store work in Windows 7? Do you think so?

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3- What i am excited about Windows 8 is that it has built-in Camera software.
As you can see, I no longer have to download a camera software like web cam max like I used to do before when I urgently need to take a quick photo of myself.... It is just in the Start Menu you have an app :)

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4- This is how it looks when you open the store:
- As you can see, everything is categorized there, there is Games, Social, Entertainment, News, etc....

5- You can move the mouse arrow at the left edge of the screen to show you the open apps and games:

6- This is one of the games I downloaded from the store:-

Oh look at the game!!!
If my screen is a touch screen now, it will be the same as the iPad and I will just touch the screen to slide across to cut the rope!! :)
That is why I am asking if I can make my screen touchable? Is it possible so or there are specific laptops that has a touch screen?

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03.03.2012, 23:58
Hello AmgedIsmail

You are the star. Thank you so much about this detailed posting and great screenshots. Iíll get Win8 version soon and want to test it on my big Satellite P500.

04.03.2012, 02:31
Thank you too for calling me a star :)
What about my model please?
Can the screen be a touch screen?
Or are there specific laptops that has a touch screen?

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04.03.2012, 12:32
> Can the screen be a touch screen?
Unfortunately not. Your Satellite has not touch screen option.

04.03.2012, 18:57
Thanks a lot.
How cam I know the Satellite Laptops with Touch Screens?

05.03.2012, 11:49

First I would like to thank you for this great work! Iím also interested in Win 8Ö

Now to your last question:
Some of the Toshiba Satellite U500 series where already equipped with an touchscreen.
Take a look here:

or this one:

05.03.2012, 17:14
You are all welcome, I am very grateful to help!
What if some laptops aren't equipped with a touch screen?
Can some of them be equipped with a touch screen?
What are the types of these laptops so I make a plan in the future to buy one of them!


05.03.2012, 17:35
> What if some laptops aren't equipped with a touch screen?
I guess the you will not be able to use such touch feature of Win 8.

> Can some of them be equipped with a touch screen?
In my personal opinion, notÖ

05.03.2012, 20:01
Well can I find this TOSHIBA U500 in Kuwait or Egypt?

And can you list all the TOSHIBA i3, i5 and i7 Touch Screen Laptops?

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05.03.2012, 23:40
Can you contact some Toshiba dealer and ask him about that? I mean this is user to user forum so if you need such info you should contact right place and pick up info about that.

What I can do is to confirm that about ouch screen on U500. Last year I had one with touch screen and I must say it was niece piece of hardware but this touch screen display is not clear as other "TruBrite" displays. It is a bit matt.

05.09.2012, 06:16
The U500 is quite old, I doubt the CPU in the U500 is compatible with Win8.

The Portege M series has touch as well, maybe you can get a second hand Portege M780 (1st gen Core i5/i7). Look for a model that has the Digitizer and Touchscreen, some only have a digitizer (pen).

13.12.2012, 16:04
Hi All,

[Toshiba Satellite C660 Windows 8 Drivers|http://eu.computers.toshiba-europe.com/innovation/windows8_drivers.jsp?service=EU] Downloads Link.

Hope this help..