View Full Version : Satellite Pro L450: Wireless card missing or does not exist

02.03.2012, 16:21
hello,,,, pls i need help

my lap is toshiba satellite pro L450 suddenly i cannot see the wireless card i check the bios and find it is enabled also update the bios and the problem still exist and the card doesn't exist in the device manager also
the wireless indicator light always off i dont know what's happened ?? and the function keys Fn + F8 doesnot work i install add value package and this doesnot resolve the problem

02.03.2012, 20:53
My guess is your wireless hardware has just failed.

Windows will not display the device driver if it cannot find the hardware.

See this thread where I make various suggestions and advice:

Probably the best thing to do is to buy a USB Wireless Lan.

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02.03.2012, 23:17

> i cannot see the wireless card
How to understand this? Is WLAN card listed in device manager? If not is some unknown device listed in device manager?
As far as I know BIOS update will not help you with this.
Please check at first the status in device manager, post some feedback and we can continue discussion.