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12.02.2012, 19:33

I have a problem with wireless issue, my laptop is Toshiba Satellite U400 and I have a Belkin router.
My laptop finds the router but with a very low range, if I go to the kitchen then it doesn’t find my own wireless router.
I always used to find and connect to my own wireless router but few days ago it started to happened this issue, even if I am very near the router it still says Good signal it doesn’t say Perfect as it used to before,

Plz help me what to do? Any suggestions are welcomed!!

12.02.2012, 23:38
It is not easy to say why this happen so suddenly. Have you done anything that can be responsible for this? BIOS update or WLAN driver update, Windows updates installation maybe?

Have you tried to roll back OS to earlier time when everything was OK?

13.02.2012, 16:02
Yesterday I had an WLan problem with my U400 and A210 notebook.
Either the WLan signal was very weak or one of the notebooks could not connect to the WLan… I tried everything and nothing helped…. Finally I rebooted by router.

This was the key… the notebooks could find the Wlan without an big problem and the signal changed to strong…
Now sure why this happened….

However, I would recommend trying this too… furthermore you should disable the WLan power saving. If you use the notebook in battery mode, the Win 7 changes the power saving mode. In such case the Wlan card could run in power saving mode which would affect the Wlan signal strength.
Of course the WLan driver should be also up to date.

13.02.2012, 18:47
thank you all for the help, but i do not think its the router because my Laptop does not find my neighbour wireless eather, and i did a reebot on the router and i even tried everything but it's still the same :(
doesnt find my wireless from the kitchen which always did before, :(

any other suggestions plz ?

13.02.2012, 21:39
can i buy a new wireless card for my toshiba u400 ?
but if i buy i have no idea where to put it ? because i dont know where the wireless card is on my toshiba u400
someone can show a picture where it might be ?
because i know where my hard-drive is and also RAM where it is behind the laptop, but no idea about wireless card ?


14.02.2012, 00:16
I can tell you where the WLAN card is placed and maybe you will say: ok it is easy to exchange it but if something goes wrong and you will destroy something what we can do about it? That’s the problem.

In my opinion you should buy small USB WLAN stick and problem will be solved. What do you think about that?

14.02.2012, 02:44
usb stick does not have a good strong range as the original wireless card,
so please can you tell me where behind toshiba laptop is the wireless card ? better - show a picture photo if you have,


14.02.2012, 09:44

Open user’s manuals document and check page 38. There you will see the underside of your notebook with explanation where you can find WLAN.

It is small square piece of hardware connected with WLAN antenna (two cables – white/black).

Can you find it?

14.02.2012, 17:53
but the wireless cars is broken i think, and i have Intel Wifi Link agn 5100, BUT can i buy a new one a better one and put it on my laptop ?
which is the best for my laptop and which one has long reach ?
i realy want to buy a new one.

thank you.

14.02.2012, 18:21

As far as I know not all miniPCI WLan card would be supported.
Here in the forum you can find some people who tried to upgrade the WLan card with another one and the BIOS could not handle such cards.

In worst case the notebook didn’t boot up… so you have to be careful with such upgrade…

Unfortunately, it’s not known to me what miniPCI WLan modules are definitely supported. Therefore its easier and safer to use the an external USB WLan stick… if you need it you can keep it connected… otherwise you can remove it… :)

15.02.2012, 02:06
does nobody know which wireless card toshiba u400 - 13.3 can handle ?


15.02.2012, 09:54
Equium U400 with GM965 mainboard has REALTEK 802.11(B/G) 13CH-RTL8187B.
Satellite U400 with GM965 mainboard has Intel Wireless WiFi Link 4965AGN.
Satellite U400 with GM45 mainboard has Intel WiFi Link 5100AGN.
Satellite U400 with GL40 mainboard has ATHEROS 11B/G (13CH) XB63L.
The same is with Satellite Pro U400. There are two or three different platforms with different WLAN cards inside.

As you can see WLAN card depends on hardware infrastructure so please check which mainbord is in your U400 and please use the same WLAN card.

15.02.2012, 23:43
does anybody know where can i buy a new intel wifi link 5100 ?

16.02.2012, 00:02
Use Google and you will find it. I don’t know where do you live but I can imagine using Google you can find some online store where you can order it.

Also good place to find such hardware parts is eBay.

16.02.2012, 23:56
I found the issue!!

when the lock of my laptop is up then i dont get all strength in my wireless but if the lock of my laptop is in half then i get full access to mine wireless network and even my neighbour,
so anyone can advice me or help me plz ?

17.02.2012, 12:12
Do you mean the Wlan switch in front of the notebook?
This enables the Wlan antenna so I assume there is an hardware problem with this Wlan switch and therefore this affected the Wlan signal…
Possibly this needs to be cleaned or replaced… but in my opinion this is an job for notebook technicians..