View Full Version : My Tecra 9100 doesn`t start properly

08.09.2005, 10:37
Hello everyone,
please give me some advise.
Last time i used my tecra 9100 it was working just fine. Then yesterday I turned it on, it seem to boot up properly for the first few seconds (light blinking showing Hard disk is doing something) and then i heard a beep and although power was on, hard disk light went off.

Also during all that time, my screen was completely black as when the laptop is off and didnt change at all.

What is going on? i cant figure out if there is a problem with my screen or the actual hard disk (??)

i of course rebooted and rebooted and no change.

Any help would be greatly appreciated

08.09.2005, 11:37
Hi Hans,

Do you see the Toshiba 'splash' screen when you first power on your notebook ? If you do then the display is obviously not faulty and the problem will be with your hard drive. If your screen remains blank from the moment that you power on then it is more likely that you display is at fault.

There could, of course also be problems with other components which are causing the symptoms that you describe, such as a failed mainboard.


08.09.2005, 12:23
Thanks for your answer

Unfortunately i do not see the splash screen..my screen is completely black all the time. How unlucky must i be to get simultaneous failed screen and mainboard...without any pre-warning.

Could overheating cause something like that?

many many thanks....I dont have i think a warranty so i am basically in big trouble ;-(

08.09.2005, 13:54
Hi Hans,

Sadly, I think your only real option is to contact a Toshiba Service Agent. They will be able to check your notebook and give you an estimate of the repair costs.

It seems likely that either your Display or the mainboard has failed (but probably not both).

Best of Luck