View Full Version : Satellite A210-27M (PSAELE) cannot use new Wlan card

23.01.2012, 11:54
Hi all,

I changed my wi-fi nic to an Atheros AR5b91 and hardware is locked.
I can't remove this lock from wi-fi switch or fn+F8 probably it's bios lock.

I tried to unlock it on Windows Vista, Windows 7, Ubuntu so it's not caused by software.
I tried wi-fi nic on other notebook(not toshiba) and it's ok.

Can somebody help?


23.01.2012, 12:13

For me it looks like you used not compatible Wlan module.
But I found these thread:

One user could not enable new upgraded Intel Wlan card.
According to some info, its possible to enable the Wlan card by covering the pin 13 on the miniPCI wlan card.
But to be honest I never tried this and I would use this workaround with caution.

23.01.2012, 22:50
Out of curiosity, is this WLAN card compatible with your notebook?
Was your old card defective?

24.01.2012, 13:34
This not works for me :(
probably the only solution is to use new bios.
Maybe this solution will work for others, so I need to mention that my notebook uses *mini pci express* so there should be disabled pin #20

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24.01.2012, 23:56
>probably the only solution is to use new bios.
Toshiba doesn’t offer BIOSes that allow you usage of some additional (newer) hardware. New BIOSes offer some small fixes and not more than that so, in my opinion, BIOS is not the solution.

25.01.2012, 14:51
"Toshiba doesn’t offer BIOSes that allow you usage of some additional (newer) hardware."
Yes, so I modified my bios and removed white-list check. And now I can insert any wifi nic :)

25.01.2012, 15:26
thanks for the feedback!