View Full Version : Equium P200-1IR - Wireless is connected but cannot access the internet

29.11.2011, 10:48
Hi ya,

Need a little help!!

I have just bought an Equium P200-1IR.
I have turned the wi fi on.
I can see my router which is Talk Talk.
I can get the laptop to connect to the router and it says that I am connected,
however I cannot access the internet.

I tried the same process by inserting a wi fi dongle into the USB port
on the laptop and exactly the same happens.
We have other computers in the house that connect to the router and internet
ok using the wireless dongle.
I have plugged a hard wire connection from the laptop to the router and I can
access the internet immediately with no problems, however would love
to use the wireless feature.

Any help really appreciated....Thanks


04.12.2011, 10:13

Try please to restart your router. Few weeks ago I had similar problem with my Satellite A300. WLAN was connected but Internet was not available. After router restart suddenly everything was ok again.

05.12.2011, 12:27
Do you use the right channel and right encryption settings?
This should be checked!
It should be able to change the WLan channels in device manager -> WLan card -> Properties -> Advanced tab…

But I would also recommend disabling the encryption and password in router settings and to connect to “Open” Wlan… of course this should be done only for testing purposes… if the notebook would be able to connect to the open router, then this would mean that you used a wrong password.

How about WLan driver update? Did you update the WLan driver? If not do that!