View Full Version : Satellite C660 - Cannot enable WLan after Wlan card replacement

16.11.2011, 22:46
since i need bluetooth i swapped the Realtek RTL8188CE in my C660 for an Intel Centrion 1030.

Now i have bluetooth working fine, but i can't get wifi working :(, drivers installed nicely but i cant switch it on/off using Fn F8, and the intel program that came with the drivers says "Hardware Radio switch is off"

I tried swapping back for my old wifi card and then magically wifi shows up in the Fn "Flash Cards", with no drivers installed for that card or anything, but when i use the intel card i have no wifi among the "Flash Cards".

Is there any way i can force the wifi switch on?,

the latest bios i found for the C660 is 1.8 and thats the one i have installed.

16.11.2011, 23:55
The whole story is somehow confusing for me.
Has your notebook “factory settings”?
Since when you have noticed this problem? I cannot imagine you have it from the day one.
Have you installed latest WLAN driver from Toshiba page - http://aps2.toshiba-tro.de/wlan/?page=downloads ?

New notebook is delivered with preinstalled OS and properly configured hardware so it must works.
I’m afraid you have screwed up something.

17.11.2011, 07:46
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Can not get past this to reply. No idea what its reacting on tried 10 times or so.

18.11.2011, 21:39
Found a fix.

Pin 20 on the mini pci-e port controls wifi on/off, pin 20 is energised when wifi is off so by taking the wlan card out, taping over pin 20 and sticking it back in, my wifi is now active and i have both BT and 300mbit wifi working nicely. So in the end it turned out to be a really sweet 10$ upgrade ;D