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16.11.2011, 21:57
Hi everyone!

Got crazy searching for the wireless adapter in Satellite C660D-164..does it have one inbuilt? or do I have to buy an external one? Can't figure out how to set up wi-fi and bluetooth. The manual is non descriptive.

Installed all the drivers form site.

Pleas help asap.

16.11.2011, 23:24
As far as i know all toshiba notebooks have WLAN card and most of the bluetooth too.
WLAN usage is very simply. Most important thing ist that WLAN card must be installed and enabled properly.

In user’s manuals document you can find good description how to use WLAN.

The question is: do you use your notebook with original preinstalled operating system that you got with it or you use own preinstalled version?

17.11.2011, 13:29

In the device manager you can find the list of all available devices.

Under Network Adapters you should find the available Wlan card.
In order to use the Wlan, you have to enable this firstly.
Use Fn + F8 in order to switch ON the Wlan.
Then you should see a small icon in the task bar (right bottom corner). Right click on this and check if you Wlan Home Network is visible.

Then insert the encryption password and usually the notebook should connect to the home Wlan.

18.11.2011, 11:55
Friends ,thankyou for your responses!
But the problem isnt solved.

In device manager I see the following adapters-
Realtek PCIe family contoller
Teredo Tunneling Pseudo Interface
Microsoft ISATAP
Wan minioport IKEv2). and more WAN ports

None of them say "Wireless "
The Fn+F8 is ON.

Windows 7 I installed on my own, the notebook was sold without installed system.
Will be grateful for any further suggestions

18.11.2011, 13:18
> Windows 7 I installed on my own, the notebook was sold without installed system.

I think such information should be posted at the beginning…. In your case I think the Wlan driver was not installed…

The WLan card seems to be BROADCOM 802.11(B/G) BCM94313-HMC

In such case you have to install the BROADCOM Wlan driver which can be found here:

23.11.2011, 20:29
Thabk you very much for ur help. I installed the broadcom driver and now WIFi is working.Wow!!!