View Full Version : Wireless adapter suddenly disabled on my Satellite A500

09.11.2011, 15:23
I have a Satellite A500 laptop, about a year and a half old, win7. Ever since the warranty expired everything started going wrong and spontaneously breaking.

Last night the battery ended its own life, and now it will only run from the mains. As soon as that happened, the wireless adapter also stopped working, behaving as if I'd flicked off the switch at the front. A little red cross is in the bottom corner, saying no connections are available. Troubleshooting the connection tells me the wireless adapter is disabled. If I go into the adapter's properties, it appears enabled, it says the device is working properly, and 'allow windows to disable automatically' in the power options tab is unchecked.

Is there anything else I can try? Would buying a new battery resolve this issue?


09.11.2011, 23:16
As far as I know battery and WLAN card are not is some kind of “relationship” so WLAN functionality doesn't depend on battery.

You must check what the WLAN card status in device manager is. Be sure WLAN card is installed and listed properly. Be sure WLAN card is enabled properly (FN+F8).
WLAN connection problem can also be related to your router.

On every Toshiba notebook you can remove battery but WLAN will works anyway.
On my Satellite A300 battery is completely death but I use it connected on AC power supply and use it daily connected per WLAN. It works.

10.11.2011, 23:59
Cheers, Timox.

In device manager it says 'this device is working properly'. Everything is configured fine, and I didn't make any changes to anything. One minute it was working fine, then the power got cut off (because of the dead battery) and when I restarted it it stopped working.

Definitely has nothing to do with the router, because it's literally incapable of scanning for it. The wireless adapter itself is acting as if it's disabled. When I troubleshoot the connection it says it's disabled, but it isn't.

Very strange... I tried reinstalling the drivers and that made no difference either.

Wifi Kaputt
13.11.2011, 15:43

I have the same model (satellite A500) for the same time (1 1/2 year) and exactly the same problem with the wifi adapter as ximongray. Thursday 10 Nov it was working properly and then friday 11 Nov just evering the same as ximongray. Device manager says "this device is working properly" but nothing works. There is no way to switch it on. Not with "FN F8" and not with the switcher at the front. No system changes have been made.

Only difference: I use the A500 constantly with power cable - no battery. So it's definitly not a battery problem.

Can please some one help?


Wifi Kaputt
21.11.2011, 17:08
I had the same problem with the wireless adapter on my Satellite A500 / win 7 64bit. In my case it was a driver problem with the "FN-Buttons". The Reason is, that you have to switch on the wifi in two ways: 1. with the hardware button at the front of the notebook AND 2. with the keyboard-combination "FN/F8". If you have win 7 running, the FN-buttons don't work properly since you haven't installed the following 2 drivers for win 7:

-Flash Cards Support Utility
-Value Added Package

All you have to do ist, to go to the toshiba driver download page, and install/re-install those two drivers for win 7. After that you just have to switch the wifi hardware button on and also do the keyboard combination FN/F8. If the FN-Buttons work properly you'll see some signs on your screen while you using them.


21.11.2011, 17:52
*@ Wifi Kaputt*
Seems you have fixed this and according to the last posting, the WLan was not enabled properly because the Fn + F8 didn’t function properly… so I agree with you: installation of both tools should enable the FN functionality again.