View Full Version : Satellite L disconnects from WLan randomly

09.11.2011, 02:26
My laptop keeps on randomly disconnecting from the wireless network even though the network has not stopped broadcasting.

After this has happened, often the laptop will pick up the fact that there are wireless networks present but refuses to connect.
The only way to solve the problem is to restart the laptop, then go through the repair process under '+*wireless connections*+' where it then says I need to '*+Turn on Wireless Capability+*' which seems to have broken, even though I have _not flicked the wireless switch_ so it remains in the on position.

Is there anything I can do to solve this without having to Restart, as it is getting tedious!

I would appreciate any help as I'm starting to go slowly mad! Thank you! :)

14.11.2011, 12:49

In most case such WLan issues can be solved by WLan driver update.
In your posting I cannot find a info if you have already tried such update… so I would recommend checking this…


You can also try to disable the WLan power saving feature in Win 7 Power Management.
The point is that Wlan connection could interrupt due to power saving… this helps to extend the battery working time but affects the Wlan performance.