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08.11.2011, 17:42
I have a Satellite Pro L770-11F laptop recently supplied to me as part of a insurance claim. It has a Atheros AR9002WB-1NG Wireless adapter 7 is running Windows 7 Pro 64 bit.

The problem I am experiencing is when I'm downloading a file from the internet It stops at random points & fails to complete the download.

I cant say when it happens or how it happens as nothing comes on screen to tell me of any problems. Occasionally I find that though the PC is still connected to the router (D-Link DIR-615 & only 6 feet from the PC) the map shows that theres no connection to the internet even though my Xbox is connected & my phone connects.

What makes it more unusual is that if i connect to the router via a ethernet cable it never drops out & downloads the files with no problems

The files i am downloading are various sizes from 350mb up to 3gb but it seems to do it more on files that are bigger than 500mb so im thinking its a timer/time issue or a file size issue (wireless only, not connected by cable)

I had a other notebook before this one & it worked fine & i never experienced this problem ever

I have changed the power managment settings in the ncpa.cpl option & as far as i can tell the drivers are bang upto date. I'm pretty sure this is a PC issue and not my internet & hopefully this week i can confirm that by connecting to a friends internet & seeing if the same thing happens.

Any help would be greatly appreciated as i have roughly 14 days left before i can send it back to the supplier for a exchange if it is a hardware problem.

Many Thanks

14.11.2011, 12:04

You said that the Wlan driver is up to date but I would recommend also checking the Toshiba Wlan portal and to compare the Wlan driver versions.
Here you can find the latest driver.

You should also check the Microsoft Power Management settings.
There is an option for WLan in order to save the batter power.
I would recommend disabling this option to get better performance.

Last but not least you can check and play around with the options which can be found in
device manager -> Wlan card -> properties -> Advanced tab

Good luck… hope this can be a small help…