View Full Version : Qosmio F750: Bad WiFi-performance / upgrade possible?

04.11.2011, 18:24
I've noticed that the F750 only connects to my AP @ 65MBit/s where my other laptop (old Dell XPS M1330) reaches between 200 and 300Mbit/s.

Yes, I know that the Toshiba laptop uses a rather plain 1x1 WiFi-card from Atheros and I'm wondering if an upgrade (maybe to an Intel 6230) would be possible.

But as far as I've discovered, the F750 only has 1 antenna ... Is this true?!

10.11.2011, 15:17
Hi mate

The reason for that could be the fact that the 802.11 N standard work at 2.4Ghz band.

According to the info Usually the 802.11 N supports 2.4Ghz and 5Ghz but if the WLan card does not support the 802.11 A then the 802.11N would work at 2.4Ghz only.

Usually the 802.11 N standard needs three wire Wlan antenna… so I assume you could use other miniPCI Wlan card which supports 802.11 N too.

But I read here in the forum that not all Wlan cards would be compatible with the BIOS… unfortunately I didn’t find any list of compatible Wlan cards on Toshiba pages or internet… so you will need to test it at your own hand… but please keep us up to date what Wlan card would be compatible…

Greets mate