View Full Version : Satallite Pro c660 not connecting to other wireless after format

26.10.2011, 15:55
Hey all,

I have a Satellite Pro c660 and bought a copy of windows 64bit with it - the laptop came with lots of toshiba software on it that i didnt really want, so i installed windows 64bit (reformatting in the process).

Post-Installation i had some issues connecting to my home wireless (was missing drivers, but have install them now) but eventually got it working.

After taking it round my girlfriends last night, i couldnt connect to her wireless at all - the password was right, and i could see the network, but it just kept constantly failing - her network was on it because her laptop was running it. - The only difference between her network and mind (that i can see) is that she was using TKIP encryption to connect to it, whereas i was use AES (my network adapter is Atheros). - Even when i tried to setup a network profile and have it connect automatically (using the same information she was using, including TKIP encryption) - it was still failing.

Any ideas folks? More missing drivers?

p.s. - I really dont want all of that toshiba nanny software on the laptop.

Thanks in advance!

03.11.2011, 11:03
> Any ideas folks? More missing drivers?

If you can see the Wlan network then this means that Wlan card driver is installed properly and the issue is related to the configuration problems between the Wlan router and Wlan card.

Are you abele to connect to other wireless networks at home?

Please disable the encryption settings in the Wlan router settings and try to connect to unprotected Wlan.
But note; this should be done only for testing purposes!

You should also check if the MAC address filtering is disabled in router settings.

03.11.2011, 14:19
It is possible hardware incompatibility between router and laptop adapter. It's very rare for now, but I can remember 2 or 3 cases in the past. And yes, you can try to disable encryption at the router side or use WEP instead of WPA and vice versa. And yes, DO NOT USE it as permanent solution.
Also you can upgrade router firmware or setup Connectify (http://www.connectify.me/) on girlfriend's laptop. But DO NOT DO any of this if you are unfamiliar with wi-fi-networks.

In case of laptop was fully functional with original Windows try to reinstall wireless driver, I hope you know where to find it (and yes, windows should be up to date).