View Full Version : Satellite P750 Limited WLan Connectvity

15.10.2011, 04:06
Hi, I was hoping someone could help me with this. P750 says limited connectivity and won't connect to the wireless internet.

15.10.2011, 17:21
"Limited connection" is an error message that Microsoft should get rid of when W7 has so many diagnostic tools. It could be your wireless router (I don't if that's what you have) can not see the Internet or you are connected to next door's router but don't have the password or..............

In the start menu click on "help and support" and type network or network diagnostics or wireless troubleshooter and start from there.

Also do you know that there is a specific board for wireless networking under Communications on the Forum Home page?
I don't know the etiquette of posting your problem a second time but I'm sure a search of that board will provide many pointers

16.10.2011, 15:37
Have you connected to this wireless address before??
if you have then its possible that your Internet service provider is down it happens occasionally.
Or try restart your router/modem. I got this message today =D

19.10.2011, 11:47
I would recommend checking and disabling the power saving settings for Wlan card
This can be done in the Win 7 power management…

Furthermore I recommend checking the options in the

device manager -> Wlan Card -> Properties.

There should be a “Advanced” tab which should contain some options in order to improve the signal, performance or to change the Wlan standards 802.11 B, G or N

Switch off the encryption (WEP, WPA, etc…) in router settings and test the connectivity between notebook and router… do that only for testing purposes… the Wlan and router should be always secured…