View Full Version : Satellite R830-143 disconnecting other PCs from wireless LAN

12.10.2011, 22:03
Just acquired a Satellite R830-143. Connects to my wireless LAN fine, BUT...

I have three other PCs connected to the wireless LAN as well, and as soon as I connect the Toshiba, the other three disconnects.
If I power off the Toshiba the other three connect back again (although sometimes I have to reset the router).

Have tried moving the Toshiba around the house, but same result.
Router is quite old, but it works with the other PCs (one running XP, one Vista, one Windows7).

Any ideas gratefully received. (This is my first Toshiba - I'm quite impressed with it, but if I can't network to my other PCs it's not going to be a great buy)

17.10.2011, 15:24

Do the other computers disconnect also if you connect the Toshiba Satellite to the LAN?
As far as I know the R830 is equipped with the Atheros Wlan card which supports the 802.11b/g/n network standard.

So it could be possible that other notebooks use the 802.11 B standards and the Satellite R830 connects to the router using 802.11G.

Please check the different settings of your router and also check the TCP/IP protocol of the R830.
All notebooks should use the same TCP/IP standard IPv4 or IPv6.

Go to control panel -> networks & sharing center -> change adapter settings -> right click on Wlan card -> properties
Here you will find the TCP/IP standard IPv4 and IPv6
be sure that IPv4 has been chosen!

25.10.2011, 10:10
Hi PauPau,
Thanks for your reply and please forgive my rudeness in not replying sooner - I been away from internet access for the last two weeks due to unforeseen emergency.
Will attempt to do some checks of what you suggest and post another reply when done.
Thanks again

25.10.2011, 17:33
Well, I checked out the things PauPau suggested, and all seemed to match across the board (PCs and modem/router).
So as a last resort I borrowed another modem/router (actually a BT Homehub) and set it up just like my old Belkin modem/router and - all my PCs now talk to each other and the internet.
I've no idea why, and I'm not sure I have the time to dig any further - but thanks for the advice.

03.11.2011, 14:49
>....set it up just like my old Belkin modem/router and - all my PCs now talk to each other and the internet.

Thanks for the feedback... could be useful for others