View Full Version : Satellite L655 sometimes doesn't recognize wireless card

30.09.2011, 08:15
I have an L655. Most of the time it works perfectly fine. Sometimes when i turn on my computer it does not recognize my wireless card. It thinks its not there at all.

The icon in the tray says that there is no ethernet cable plugged in and nothing about the wireless.
Usually this icon is not present and instead is one for the wireless (whether it is connected or not and whether there are available connections or not). In the device manager there is nothing there for the wireless card.

Under network adapter there is only the ethernet. Its as if it doesn't exist.
Basically the way i fix this problem is by just restarting my computer until it figures it out.
Sometimes this may take 5 or more times.

Any help please?

05.10.2011, 15:39

What satellite L655-xxx do you have exactly?
As far as I know there are different models with different Wlan cards.

Is your BIOS up to date? Please check this.

So now to some solution proposals:
First of all I would recommend checking if the Wlan driver update would improve the Wlan functionality.
Furthermore you should disable the power saving feature for Wlan in device manager and in Win 7 power options as well.