View Full Version : Satellite C660-1d7 - Wireless disconnects when not on mains

28.09.2011, 13:25
I have been having increasing problems with the wireless on my C660-1d7 . Every time I take it off the mains, the wireless drops, and i have to plug it into Ethernet, which kind of takes the whole point away from being mobile.

I've updated the drivers on the system to the most recent (taken from toshiba website) yet it still drops. Its becoming annoying as i work from home, so have VPN loaded, so every time i lose the net, I have to keep logging back into that, which takes time away. i also use a VOIP phone which again will cut off.

Wireless LAN is Realtek RTL8118CE

Can anyone help as its driving me potty.

28.09.2011, 14:01

This has been discussed many times here.
Check the Wirelles forum.
The solution;
- update the BIOS to the latest state
- update the WLan driver
- Disable the power saving of Wlan in Win 7 power management.


28.09.2011, 14:05
Great answer Tonny. I agree with you.

Andy as first step try to change power settings and check WLAN functionality.

28.09.2011, 14:11
Thank you for reply. However, please can you treat me like a complete idiot and talk me through the stages. I'm not really clued up on these things. I've updated the driver so far.

Which power settings do I need to change and what to? And BIOS forgive me but WHAT?? lol so sorry I am not computer hardware knowledgeable one bit!
Then WLAN functionality I'm lost!

28.09.2011, 14:20

Opoen advanced power options for power plan that you use and there you will find options for WLAN card > see please this screenshot .

Can you find it?

01.10.2011, 06:31
dear sir

i have the same problem .when the charger is unbluged the wireless is down and no more net on the laptop .i tried recovery for the windows ,i tried to use helpful answers from the forum and google ,the only way is when i put the power plan on high performance which reduces the battry life ,or i must put on the charge all the time ..i didnt have this problem before ,i used the laptop almost 5 months but from 2 weeks this problem appeared .i have another laptop and it works properly no internet cuts ..i really need your help ..waiting for your answer ,thanks

03.10.2011, 14:16
That was the same for me, bought it in Feb then suddenly this started happening. So disappointed with it and annoyed with myself for not reading the reviews on the laptop, as i read about wireless issues, but thought it was nothing, could kick myself for buying it now. I've changed power settings, nothing has helped. Whats the next step?

11.10.2011, 09:51
As mentioned above by Tonny:
The issue could be solved by BIOS and Wlan driver update… before you would install the newer Wlan driver, uninstall the old driver. Furthermore you should disable Wlan power saving feuture in Win 7 power management.
Last but not least go to device manager -> Wlan card -> Properties -> Power Management (last tab) and uncheck the option: allow to disable this device to safe power (or something like that ;) )

In my case this helped!!!