View Full Version : Satellite L640 - Wireless icon is missing

26.09.2011, 01:01
I have installed Windows 7 SP1 on a Toshiba Satelitte L640. The wireless icon is missing when i press FN key.
The wireless LED is orange all the time and I can connect to wireless networks. However I cannot turn the wireless off or on as the F8 function is missing.

I installed Win 7 Pro
used windows update and downloaded updated wlan driver
installed VAP


26.09.2011, 01:21
I performed a clean install of windows 7 sp1 and this time I installed the wlan driver exe and VAP. I did not use the windows update to update my wlan driver.

Realtek Wireless LAN Driver (for Realtek model only) - tc70074300d.exe

This is a bug to do toshiba VAP and the F8 dll they use which is hooking into the old version of the wireless driver software and this should be elevated to a toshiba developer as this will affect most customers who want to do their own install!

So the moral of the story is - If you own a Toshiba, dont use windows updates for hardware!


26.09.2011, 08:34

It’s always recommendable using the original Toshiba pretested drivers and no other drivers. The drivers you can find on Windows update are not pretested for your system so I wouldn’t install them. Just use the drivers on Toshiba page and everything will be ok.

For FN keys you have to install Value Added Package and Flash Cards Support Utility.

10.10.2011, 13:11
In my country Toshiba are in cohoots with the government, so as Toshiba supply the government the laptops and we are responsible for delivering the Software user experience (Software install) we definately don't want to use whatever generic factory Toshiba puts on it as it is not a one size fits all solution. Mostly we have to strip the machine of whatever software is on and integrate our own imaging process plus deployment software scripts, so this kind of tedious work by finding which driver is the best and will actually work is just part of the job.

I have to agree that windows updates are a pain, not only for Toshiba Laptops but for other various motherboards as well. I have had to end up writing scripts to hide the windows updates as part of the installation process. However the problem in this situation is that Toshiba are using a dll file, which if you search in Value Added Package under the Flash Cards Support Folder something like F8fcn.dll, which is making a dll (dynamic link library) call to a missing function (I am a programmer so can find these things out).

Toshiba driver developers need to do way more testing than they do if you ask me. I used to work with Japanese programmer so I understand the way Japanese programmers think. I am pretty confident if this issue was elevated to Toshiba they would deal with it, however thats all politics (when it comes to Japanese) ;-) . Anyway thats just me having a rant, rant rant! lol