View Full Version : No instant Wlan connection when starting up Satellite L650

13.09.2011, 01:15

I have had connection problems with my L650 Toshiba for the past couple of months.

I bought my laptop a year ago (October 2010), and everything was working perfectly until April 2011.
The first few months, my computer would connect automatically to the internet once it started up.

Since April 2011, my computer takes about 2 minutes to connect to a wireless internet connection when I start it up, whether it is my home connection or work connection.
Once it does connect, the wireless connection works perfectly.

The problem does not come from a wireless router because it happens with all wireless connections. Furthermore, I have tried updating the drivers for the wireless adapter (Broadcom 802.11n) with no success at all.

I would be grateful if someone could provide possible solutions to the problem.
Thanks in advance.

13.09.2011, 11:56
So what is the problem exactly?
The Wlan connects fine but it takes two minutes until the connection has been established?

Well, it could be possible that something is running in the OS background and therefore it takes some time until the notebook could connect to the Wlan.

In my case the notebook needs some time to connect to Wlan because the virus scanner and CCleaner run at the startup and scans the HDD and the system.
After that the notebook connects to Wlan.