View Full Version : Two years trying to get Toshiba Laptop Wireless Connection to work

28.08.2011, 14:46
I've been trying for the last two years to try and get the wireless connection on my Toshiba Laptop to work without much sucess. I did for a short time manage to establish an ad-hoc wireless connection from the Laptop to a Desktop and share the internet connection that way but then that stopped working.

I have a Toshiba Satellite Pro U400-15L model no PSU45E-00J005EN. It's the one with the 12.1" screen and running Windows XP Pro sp3.

My Wireless switch on the front of the laptop is turned on. It is also enabled in the software FN F5 Wireless enabled, bluetooth disabled. I don't have Intel ProSet.

Previously when I managed to establish an ad-hoc connection that was using microsofts software. I had to manually enable the Wireless Zero Configuation (WZC) each time though as it always started disabled or stopped even if I set it to start automatically. It was a monumental PITA.

When I try and connect to the home ADSL Wireless Router (Belkin N150) using the Toshiba software I get the error message "another vendor's application is controlling the wireless adaptor".

I get this all the time even if I have disabled Microsofts Wireless Zero Configuration (WZC).

I was thinking Windows was still somehow controlling this even though I have disabled WZC so having read solutions in other posts I have tried going to...

contol panel -> network connections -> wireless connection -> properties -> wireless networks tab -> uncheck "Use Windows to configure...".

But unfortunately there is no "wireless networks tab" in there, all I have is the other two tabs. And since trying to use Toshibas software to establish the wireless connection using their Radar thing, now when I click into the wireless network connection it has the message "Windows cannot configure this wireless connection. If you have enabled another program to configure this wireless connection, use that software."

Can anyone on the forum or at Toshiba help please?



02.09.2011, 14:05
Two years? Sorry but I cannot believe it.

If everything is Ok and I mean if there is no hardware problem you donít need longer than two minutes for WLAN configuration.

At first you must be sure the WLAN card is installed properly (device manager).
WLAN card must also be enabled properly (switch > check FN+F8 > check ConfigFree tool).
When he WLAN card is enabled properly (check status in ConfigFree) scan the area using option RADAR in ConfigFree.
Can you find this option?
Can you scan the area?
Is some WLAN visible for your notebook?