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18.08.2011, 21:02
I bought my NB500 5 days ago and have had constant wifi connection problems. It repeatedly drops the connection to my Belkin N1 router, also knocking out the connection for other devices - smartphones & digibox.

I tried the Toshiba web site and found their tech support is farmed out to Virgin Digital Help. I called them, they ran a diagnostic test then offered to fix the problem for £75 or cover all my machines for 1 year for £85.

I was not prepared to pay anything to have a NEW machine fixed when it should work perfectly straight out of the box.

I hope somebody out there can help me, otherwise I may have to return the machine as it's just not worth the hassle.

Thanks in advance.

19.08.2011, 10:41
Hi ironlung,

Does it happen on preinstalled Windows version from Toshiba or with your own Windows installation?

Have you noticed this problem in eco mode or balanced power profile too? Reason could be the WLAN power saving setting and the connection get lost after a certain time.

It could also help if you update the WLAN driver. Newest version you can find on official Toshiba website:

19.08.2011, 11:50
Thanks for your interest Xardas.

My NB500 is running the pre installed version of Windows 7 Starter edition, I've already updated the WLAN driver, but the problem persists.

It hung again last night whilst streaming from 4od and also took out the wi fi to all other devices - i.e. smartphones & digibox.

Having rebooted my router this morning, I have started the netbook up and it has connected ok to gmail, this forum and google plus, but still refused to connect to twitter, either directly or via tweetdeck.

A friend suggested connecting via the ethernet port, to see if the lack of connectivity was specific to the wireless connection.

Initially connecting the ethernet cable to my Belkin N1 router caused the router to restart, dropping the wireless connections to all my other devices. Once it had restarted an the netbook was connected via the ethernet cable it was perfectly stable, suggesting that the problem is particular to the WLAN connection.

As I bought the machine for using around the house, connecting via the ethernet cable rather defeats the purpose.

I really hope there's a fix, otherwise it'll be getting packed back into its box and returned.

19.08.2011, 12:43
Just off the phone to Tesco Direct support (retailer clearly more supportive than manufacturer).

Their guy suggested it might be a conflict with another wifi network on the same channel nearby - my router was set to auto for its channel.

So far its been pretty stable, but I'll give it a couple of hours.....

19.08.2011, 12:55
Or one minute, until it drops out again at 11.44.


19.08.2011, 17:45
Have done a reset to 'Out-of-box' state, installed all windows updates and WLAN driver update.

Seems to be working ok, or at least it's not dropped out yet.

What a deeply irritating episode this has been.

Fingers crossed for no more problems....

19.08.2011, 18:06
Hopefully everything will be OK now.
Be careful with Windows updates installation.

Several times I saw that WLAN driver is listed there as optional installation. Maybe such driver was installed and you’ve been faced with this WLAN issue. Be sure you use Toshiba drivers only.

Bye and good luck.

19.08.2011, 21:34
Dropped again, taking router with it.

Back to the shop it goes....

14.09.2011, 16:24
I got this wireless internet connection dropping problem (only) in Linux systems.
I've tested Ubuntu and several other Linux distros in NB-500 and I can't get a stable wifi connection with them.