View Full Version : Re: Satellite C660D-177 - Cannot setup the WLAN driver

15.08.2011, 23:07

I have searched all possible forums, topics, threads etc. trying to find some information about Satellite C660D-177 wireless driver. I downloaded drivers from Toshiba's drivers site. LAN driver works, wireless driver doesn't.
I have Windows 7 Ultimate (64bit). I'm tired of searching.

Can you provide me with some useful information and links to driver which actually works?

Thanks a lot!

16.08.2011, 09:18
Hi defslv,

Can you provide more details why the WLAN driver is not working?

Do you get an error message?
Can you find WLAN networks?
Is the WLAN card listed in device manager?

Generally speaking WLAN driver can be downloaded here:

22.08.2011, 15:02
I donít know why your WLAN card doesn't work but if the card is installed properly (check it in device manager) all you must do is to enable WLAN card using FN+F8 key combination and configure WLAN connection using either Windows settings or using Toshiba ConfigFree tool.

If you have more questions you are welcome.