View Full Version : Satellite C660 - Staying connected to a network

13.08.2011, 17:26
someone please help.

Bought this laptop a week ago Toshiba Satellite C660, not been able to stay connected to a wireless network, bought a new router because thought that might be the answer, but still having same problem! It connects then disconnects!

Windows diagnostics keeps reset network adapter but it will still keep doing it, I am about to throw laptop out of window!

If someone could please help I would be very grateful also I am not at all computer savvy.

13.08.2011, 21:34

You should update the WLAN driver on your notebook. Newest version you can download on official Toshiba WLAN portal:

This is a known issue because other users already about this and reported that newest WLAN driver help you to get rid of this. Furthermore you should check similar threads before you start a new thread:

13.08.2011, 22:09
thank you so much! have downloaded latest driver so hopefully this will resolve...