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02.08.2011, 16:06
I have a Satellite L755-13Q which is sold with a WLAN compatible with 802.11n wireless network but the n-WLAN are not detected by my computer.
The N-WLAN is detected on an other computer.

I have updates the Realtek RTL8188CE driver from the Toshiba download web site.
Driver option for network type is well set on 802.11b/g/n. Other B-WLAN are detected by my computer.

Have you ever seen this issue?
What could be done to activate N-WLAN detection?

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02.08.2011, 17:12

Are you sure that the WLan card is set to Draft N (802.11 N)?
In device manager -> WLan card -> Properties -> Advanced tab you can check if the Draft N is enabled and set.

If it’s set and the notebook would not recognize the wireless N network then you should update the WLan driver. I recommend choosing the one from Realtek page.
Of course you can also test the driver from here:

It could be also a compatibility issue between the card and the router.
Some WLan cards supports the 802.11 N standard only at 2.4Ghz band… so if you router supports 802.11 N only at 5Ghz then the notebooks Wlan card would no receive this network.

03.08.2011, 07:38
If the Realtek cannot see the router connection at all, then change the frequency to 2.4GHz on the router.

5GHz is generally a corporate frequency and not included in many Wifi cards.