View Full Version : Satellite Pro L510 - Can't install and start Intel Link 5100

11.07.2011, 19:03

I have a Satellite Pro L510 (P/N:PSLFML-002004). Recently, I have updated my WLAN to Intel Link 5100 (my original WLAN is Realtek RTL8191SE). I've tried Windows 7 32bit and 64bit with intel driver, version 13.4 and 13.5, non of them has worked so far. I always get this error "This device cannot start" from Device Manager

Can anyone help me with this problem, please?


11.07.2011, 20:41

May I ask you why you have exchanged the WLAN card? Was something wrong with your old WLAN or why you have done this?

Did WLAN functionality work before the upgrade?

I can’t say for sure why you get this error message but for me it looks like the WLAN card is not enabled… Have you enabled WLAN card using FN+F8 key combination?

11.07.2011, 20:55
I exchange my WLAN card for better range and speed
My old WLAN works normally before the upgrades
When I using intel WLAN, the Fn+F8 is not available (disable in function bar and nothing happened when I pressed it), when I using the old one, it available again. In my bios, the WLAN setting is always ON

11.07.2011, 21:33

> My old WLAN works normally before the upgrades
So I think this WLAN card is not compatible. Not all WLAN cards are compatible with all notebooks. I think this also depending on the mainboard and BIOS…

Installing another WLAN card will not improve the range or speed. For example if you use draft N you have 300 Mbps with every WLAN card and the WLAN range is depending on the WLAN antennas and not WLAN card itself.

In your case I would install the old one and be happy with it ;)

12.07.2011, 03:54
So, is there anyway to know that which WLAN card is suitable with my laptop?
I'm not really sure about the range, but I think changing WLAN will change the speed, my old WLAN is 54Mbps, my new ones is 300Mbps, that's why I want to exchange :D

12.07.2011, 13:24

I didn’t find any details about the compatible Wlan cards but I think that if the Realtek WLan card was installed in this notebook previously then you would have good chances to get other Realtek Wlan cards working too.


12.07.2011, 18:33
I think I'll have to find another one WLAN to upgrade
Thank you for all advises :)