View Full Version : Qosmio X500-11U - New WLAN card for 5GHz band

01.07.2011, 20:08
Apparently the Qosmio X500-11U does come with a 802.11n WLAN adapter, so I bought a 802.11n router, using the 5Ghz band. Unfortunately the build-in WLAN adapter ONLY supports the 2.4Ghz band.

Is it possible to replace the adapter for another one and if so, which one?

01.07.2011, 21:24

Qosmio X500 is delivered with different WLAN cards and authorized service provider can tell you if there is a compatible WLAN card that supports 5 GHz.

But I donít understand why itís so important. I mean X500 supports newest WLAN draft N standard and thatís the fastest WLAN standard that can be used at the moment.

02.07.2011, 09:33
My neighbourhood is filled with wireless networks.
I have around the 20 networks surrounding me in the 2.4Ghz band.
I hope it's a lot less in the 5Ghz band.

Besides my connection speed is limited to 72Mbps because of the 2.4Ghz limit. (If I all understand right)

I've tried contacting the qosmio service provider, but they didn't reply to my email.

02.07.2011, 11:28
Maybe you should call them and ask what they think about such upgrade.
Please post some feedback.