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29.06.2011, 09:45
Hello helpfull people

I have just received my new Satellite C660-15 Netbook. To get rid of all the bloatware installed on new netbook I formatted it and installed Windows 7 Ultimate. I combined the hard drive partions and being silly did not make a proper backup of the installed recovery software presuming the drivers I required would be on Toshiba website.
Now the Wireless device does not work.

The driver (RTL8188CE version 1005.18.0413.2011) installs OK and says device is working properly but does not see any wireless networks.
Is this the correct wireless card ???. I have tried downloading and installing various Realtek drivers, as well as the ones on the Toshiba website (Atheron Broadcom etc).

I have seen people being told on the forum not to upate WLAN drivers as they may stop working. Unfortunately the latest one is the only one I can find on the

I have tried both 32 Bit windows and 64 Bit with different drivers none work. The wireless device worked when the netbook arrived.
Maybe i should have kept the bloatware.

Many thanks in advance

29.06.2011, 09:47
Sorry just to add I have downloaded drivers from both Toshiba website and Realtek website

Thanks again

29.06.2011, 10:03

I would like to check notebook specification but you didnít write the whole notebook name (C660-15?). Can you please post it again?

Anyway, if WLAN card is installed properly but none of available WLANs are visible maybe is your WLAN card not enabled? Usually you can do this using FN+F8 key combination. Can you use it?
Is WLAN LED on when you scan the area?

Please use ConfigFree tool and check if the WLAN card is enabled properly.

BTW: biggest mistake is that you didnít create recovery DVD.

29.06.2011, 18:03

Sorry for slow reply waiting for a user account Laptop is C660-115 PSC0LE-00500JEN

I Installed ConfigFree tool and it said WLAN card is enabled properly.

I do not have an LED for the WIFI to light up and tried Function F8 many times.

The Icon just shows no networks in area. Can pick up 4 or 5 on other laptops so range is not an issue. I have tried installing all Realtek Drivers from Realtek website.
I did a few google searches and seems a few users were having to roll back drivers after being told by Toshiba driver update utility. I do not have this option. The driver
installs okay and i get the wireless icon in taskbar, however no signal.

At least I have learnt about recovery CD.

Thanks again

30.06.2011, 06:32
Hi adam1979

Try to flash/update the BIOS before installing the RTL8188CE 1005.18.0413.2011

30.06.2011, 16:34

I have tried to flash the BIOS it says I have the latest or newer version than the one on Website so unable to update. Then installed Driver
RTL8188CE 1005.18.0413.2011, All indications are that driver is working however no signal received.

14.07.2011, 01:38

I still hhave this issue i am going round in circles with it. Does anybody know the wireless card that is installed on the laptop. C660-115 PSC0LE 00500JEN

Thanks in advance

14.07.2011, 02:33

Thanks for your support, I downloaded the toshiba value package and pressed function f8 this time a menu came up and was able to turn on wifi.

Problem solved