View Full Version : Satellite L655 home wireless problem

21.06.2011, 07:33
So, I admit I don't know a ton about computers, but I know enough to get by. My problem is this; I can connect to the internet fine at my friends houses, or anywhere that has open wifi, but I have not been able to connect to the wifi in my house. We have two other laptops that connect just fine, so I know its mine that is the problem. I am wondering if the wifi we have is not compatible. We have Verizon 5 spot internet.

I have called Toshiba tech support and asked how to fix it but they just sounded confused and told me to go on the internet to fix the problem, which I obviously couldn't do.

Could anyone tell me why my computer is having this problem?

26.06.2011, 20:58
If WLAN works with other routers that means that WLAN card in your notebook works well.
Problem can be your router at home.

I cannot say for sure but problem can be wireless mode. At first check WLAN card advanced settings and check which wireless mode is enabled in your notebook’s WLAN card.
If I’m remembering well it can be IEEE 802.11b, b/g, b/g/n.

Compare it with settings in your router and be sure it is set to the same mode.
You can also contact your internet provider support and ask for help.