View Full Version : Satellite P750-02K - How to enable wireless interface?

19.06.2011, 13:12

I just bought a new Satellite P750/02K notebook with Windows 7 64bit. How do I enable the wireless interface?

I've tried the Fn-F8 , but all it says is the " wireless communication is disabled. Please turn on the Wireless communication switch". There is no switch that i can see. The device driver is enabled and active. I've even tried re-installing the driver. The user manual makes no reference to a physical switch either. I checked the BIOS but see no setting for any wireless settings. I've tried restarting flash card to no avail.

Any sugestions? Thanks.

19.06.2011, 17:11
Hi buddy,

I donít have Satellite P750 in front of me but is the WLAN card listed in device manager?

On Satellite P750 there is a touch button between display and keyboard for enabling/disabling the WLAN function. The second button of left side (antenna symbol) you have to press for enabling WLAN.

Also check the BIOS. As far as I know the most notebook contains an option for WLAN that must be set to enabled.