View Full Version : Satellite C660 Loses wifi connection when charger unplugged

08.05.2011, 14:26
I have an issue with my C660, when the charger is plugged in the wifi is working fine, however, when I unplug the charger the wifi loses connection within 30 seconds. This happens every time. I have updated the BIOS and no difference.

This is the second C660 with this issue, when I bought the first laptop it was happening, so i took it back to Currys and they replaced the laptop as faulty, however, the same issue with the second unit.

We have 3 other laptops in the household and this issue doesn't happen with the others, so its not an issue with my router.

08.05.2011, 21:40
Using Forum search function and reading some threads in the WiFi forum category would help you to find the solution ;)

Check this:

11.05.2011, 13:12

I agree with Paolo30. It’s a „known issue“ here in forum because you can already find many threads about this behavior on Satellite C660.

What you must do is disabling the power saving function for WLAN card. Just go to Windows Power Management and edit the current plan settings and do this for other plans too if you use them. You will find an option called “Wireless Adapter Settings” and you have to choose “Maximum Performance”. So power saving will be disabled and WLAN works properly! :)