View Full Version : NB520, NB550D - how to control volume at Sleep and Music state?

04.05.2011, 08:19
I'm looking for a possibility to control volume at Sleep and Music state...
The only fact I've noticed is that volume depends on the level set when the computer was working. But how can I change it at Sleep and Music state when the comp is swich off?

04.05.2011, 09:13
Hi TomPL,

I have checked the user manual and found the following information:
The volume adjustment and mute setting might be different between Windows mode and Sleep and Music mode. Before connecting the audio device to the computer, turn down the volume of the audio device. Sound quality may also be different.

So according this information you have to set the volume in Windows but it could be a little bit different. I found no information about changing the volume in sleep and music mode.