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25.04.2011, 00:43

I seem to have a rather annoying issue with the NB200 - 10Z.
The operating system is WinXP SP3.

I was searching to restore it to its Factory Settings using the Toshiba Tools, by pressing F8 during the boot sequence, this however does not take me to a screen in which I can select "Repair" like Toshiba's online guide said.
My only options were selecting to boot normally, or boot in safe mode, safe mode with networking and so forth. I consulted the original manual included with the laptop but this didn't shed any light on the problem, in fact I found the manual to be rather empty.
There isn't any in-depth help about formats, restoring to factory settings or other maintenance. Disappointing.

The other option is creating a recovery disk, however, the Toshiba Tool will only notify that it can't find any stations that contain writable media, simply because the NB200-10Z doesn't have a CD/DVD/BD-drive. The only ports available are SD and USB.

So my question is, how can I format/reset to factory settings the NB200-10Z without any external CD/DVD writers/readers, using the USB/SD slots? Because I can't find any way to create a recovery ISO with the Toshiba tool, which I could mount on a bootable USB device.
And even if there is a way to do that, how can I set the NB200 to boot from USB? Looking at the bios settings, and boot options showed that only LAN and HDD are supported.



25.04.2011, 20:58
Hi Boris,

Usually if you start HDD recovery media creator you can select on what device (CD/DVD or USB) the recovery medium should be created. There you should be able to change between CD/DVD drive and USB. If you select USB you can create the recovery medium on an USB stick.
You can boot from this disk if you connect it before starting the computer, then go to BIOS boot menu (F12) and then you can select the USB stick.

According the user manual the HDD recovery can be started while holding down the 0 (zero) key before Windows starts.

Check this!!!

27.04.2011, 05:15
As mentioned, try holding down the Zero key. It works on mine.

If Windows doesn't boot to the Desktop and/or you cannot create the Recovery Disc or USB Flash Drive, you can order a replacement set from Toshiba. Have a look on the website.