View Full Version : Battery discharges when NB520-10H is off

21.04.2011, 10:32
Looking for some help with battery problem.

When fully charged and then unplugged from the mains, the battery has good life, lasting about 7-8 hours.
However, if the netbook is then turned off and left with the battery in over night, it is completely dead in the morning, even if it was fully charged when turned off.

It's as if something is draining the power even when the computer is fully shut down.
It's really annoying and means I have to take out the battery every time which becomes cumbersome when transporting.
Only had the net book a few weeks and apart from that, it's great.

Can anyone help with maybe a setting that may be wrong or something?

21.04.2011, 13:24

Itís nothing unusual that battery discharges if the notebook is OFF but its strange that the full battery looses all the power in this short time.

In BIOS the Wake up on LAN option might affect the battery but usually the battery would loose only 5%-10% of the power.
However, go to BIOS and disable this option.
Save the BIOS and check if it helps.

21.04.2011, 13:56
Paolo is right. It is nothing unusual and battery can lose up to 25% over night. I have noticed the same on my notebook.

What you can do is to contact Toshiba service provider, explain the situation and ask for help. maybe you will get new battery.

24.04.2011, 12:28
I can't agree with 25% discharging - it's too much!
I had Asus netbook and I've just bought Toshiba NB550D - both has diferent, better discharging factors. After second full charging NB550D then after 16hours non working time battery showed 97%. I worked a few minute and ended with 95%. Today, after almost 20 hours non-working battery shows 93% and I think it's quite standard to new lit-battery.

I've met another problem with battery, but it's for other NB550D-thread...

22.07.2011, 08:45

I also have this problem. I switch my net book off at night, the next morning it is dead and the battery is warm. I read the answer about the BIOS but I have no idea how to do this.

Any help appreciated