View Full Version : NB520 - Access to Memory Module

16.04.2011, 18:09
I want to upgrade the memory module to 2GB, but i am having trouble removing the back plate.
I have loosened the 2 screws, but the backplate still seems to be secured in the centre near the power socket.
As usual the manual is no help.
Do I need to slide it or unclip it?

20.04.2011, 19:45
As far as I know there are no more screws which needs to be removed.
But this should be also explained in user manual.
Itís usually preinstalled on the notebook but if you deleted the user manual then you can download this from Toshiba European page

20.04.2011, 22:16
i have just done this myself, there are only the 2 screws and then it just clips out. there is a slight indent next to one of the screws to allow you to prise out the cover.