View Full Version : NB 520 unable to disable speaker while on headset

16.04.2011, 06:51
anyone having the same problem? when i plug in my headphone still the speaker is making a sound.

18.04.2011, 07:44
Are you using HDMI output?

Have any Audio settings been changed?

Have you tried reinstalling the Audio Driver and updating the BIOS?

18.04.2011, 08:37
I donít understand what do you mean exactly?
What a sound?
What are you writing about?

Can you use more than one sentence to explain your problem?

18.04.2011, 09:53
raymacsor ,
1.Be sure, I mean read the instruction :), if that it is a standard headphone socket with "mechanical" cutting-off speakers.
2If yes, try different headphones, mayby the plug is non standard?
3.If still not working, your socket is out of order and service is needed :(

18.04.2011, 16:11

The notebook supports Realtek sound driver. Right?
Go to control panel and there you will find Realtek HD audio Manger.
There you can find some options. You should check the both setting son the right.
Iím not quite sure how they are named exactly but as far as I know there you can disable the speakers when headphones are connected.


17.05.2011, 14:37
problem solve...thanks guys