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10.04.2011, 18:58
Hello there, I am new to the NB305 and have spent the last few hours watching the Windows 7 starter update itself! That led me to query how does the NB305 update the other drivers? Is this automatic or do I have to discover what is currently there then search for any new ones from Product Support?

On a separate note, the HD is 250gb, however, it is split roughly 50/50 with the backup system, is there anyway of altering to say a 60/40 split to give me more usable space.

In the mean time, I shall continue to play with my new 'toy'...

10.04.2011, 20:36
Hi Salut

From time to time Toshiba offers some updates but, generally speaking, if everything works well you donít need any driver update. What you need are Microsoft updates and you should install newest updates.

To get automatic update message for Toshiba drivers, tools and utilities you should used Toshiba Tempro. Tempro runs in the background and will inform you if some new update for your NB is available.

What to say about HDD?
Your notebook was delivered with preinstalled OS and recovery image is saved on your HDD so, my opinion is, you should not change HDD partitions structure. I donít know how many important data and private stuff you have but I think 50% HDD capacity should be enough for private data.
All other temporary stuff you can safe on partition C.

By the way: have you created recovery USB or CD/DVD?

10.04.2011, 20:59
Thanks Barrie. I have been a little cautious of all the Toshiba related stuff that was preloaded, bad experiences from Microsoft I'm afraid...

I will activate Tempro and let it run it's course. Thanks for the comment on the HDD, I shall leave that as it is. Finally, no I haven't created a recovery disc yet, I intend doing that tomorrow.

Many thanks for the prompt feed back, most helpful

11.04.2011, 09:44
You are welcome.
If you have more questions just start new thread.

Bye and good luck.