View Full Version : NB550D-10G UK release date?

09.04.2011, 22:08
Hi guys,

I'm itching to buy the NB550D-10G. I've read lots of articles and searched for about 2 weeks now, but it doesn't seem to be available anywhere.
Yes, the NB550D-109 is available on Amazon and Misco, but i'm not going to spend £300 on an ugly brown notebook! (who decided to make it brown, what a bad move ><)

So, does anybody know when the BLUE NB550D-10G is going to be released?

Many thanks!

10.04.2011, 10:58
Hello bardok

I donít believe anyone here can give you answer to your question. Your question is for Toshibaís marketing department.
Fact is that this notebook model is launched in UK and now you must try to find store where you can order one in blue.

To be honest brown donít look so bad. I saw it by my local dealer.

13.04.2011, 09:44
Just to be sure - as far as I found the blue is the only colour for NB550D-*10G* (model with AMD C50)
Models with AMD C30 (10E, 10J) are in different colours (green, brown...). But be carefull! Model NB520 (with AtomN550) is also (and only) in brown!!!

So, it looks like a game with processors and colours :)

19.06.2011, 12:57
have just been researching the NB520 / NB550D and see that the NB550D-10G is available from askdirect.co.uk (an official Toshiba reseller) for £259.99.