View Full Version : Adjustable memory resources for NB550D

31.03.2011, 21:23
So after upgrading the memory in my NB550D to a 4GB module (3GB usable) the netbook is flying, but I notice that the HD 6250 graphics is using 1GB of this memory for itself, obviously such a budget entry graphics die doesn't even need half of this amount, especially since the screen is only 1024 x 600, so if an admin is checking this I was wondering if in a future BIOS, could an option be added to adjust the GPUs memory usage?

I would rather have the GPU being using around 256MB and have to rest going toward system memory, it doesn't need so much memory.

05.04.2011, 13:16

Who knows if Toshiba will release a BIOS where you can adjust the graphics memory but such a function isnít known to me and I doubt this will be done.
The graphic card memory will always be controlled automatically and there is no value that you can change.

I mean even 3GB RAM is really really enough for netbook performance and I doubt you need more RAM and even some programs would need more RAM you can use the virtual memory on HDD.

06.04.2011, 08:53
It may show 1GB, but that's the maximum RAM it will use.

The VRAM is on demand (dynamic), so if it's just sitting in Windows, it will only be using about 64MB.